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Portland's Prime Purveyors of Vegan Pizza, Pyros, Popkins, and other Pieces

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A Portland Pizza Week Special

“Much beauty is in the swamp, if you only look” -Swamp Thing

Preconceived notions have not caught up to the reality of amazing vegan pizza…

It’s easy to say this Cheesy-Broc Cajun-Jackfruit pizza will blow your mind… but that doesn’t do it justice…Walk Amongst the Beauty with Us

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Three years ago, we set upon the task of making pizza for the masses. Delicious pizza, made with fresh, organic ingredients, sourced from local Portland businesses.

All the dough is mixed by hand, rolled by hand, crafted by hand, and then cooked by a robot. All pomp and circumstance aside, this shit is good, and you don’t have to wait in line for it…ever.

For the love of pizza and all that is pizza!